bridgetoselfBridge to Self   art project for public installation in Black Rock City 2017.


Bridge to Self  is a large scale interactive bridge structure in the shape of the archetypal mother/woman’s body in the yoga bridge pose. A short flight of ascending steps over the bridge form invites the community to take a healing journey of self-discovery and release using interactive combinations of sound, color, light, and vibration.

I intend to deliver a loving healing message that there is one vibratory field that connects all things. We are connected to and part of this universal field.   I want people to be aware that they always have always have a choice in participation and mirroring the burning man experience – our body is our temple we live in and our mission is to keep it in a good way –share the joy, happiness and love to each other and yet help to release all the negative emotions and feeling – grief, shame, gilt, jealousy, hate, anger.  There are many paths towards this goal, keeping ourselves sane and helping each other along the way. Happiness not only belongs to the individual but happiness multiplies if shared with other souls.

Physical description:

Bridge to Self  is a wooden walkable bridge structure approximately 12 feet tall and 20 feet long.

Bridge to Self  includes built in bells, chimes, and singing bowls that are playable by the healer from under the bridge.

Next to the Bridge to Self,  colored prayer cloths will be provided in buckets for participants to hang on the bridge.

During the night time the lights are connected electronically to the vibration sound.

Several pillows in a form of fluffy clouds are placed in such a way to catch anyone who might fall.

Interactivity and mission:

Besides a simple objective observation of the Bridge to Selfthe art piece offers an experience through several sensory inputs that connect the participant to the archetypal loving mother/woman.

The chimes, bells, singing bowls that are built into the heart of the woman, represent the loving vibration human’s experience.  When we hug, touch, and personally connect, it releases a sense of calm in both persons.

Participants will have a choice of standing, sitting or lying down on the top of the bridge where the healer below will conduct the chimes, bells, singing bowls.  The sound of combined instruments will produce a tender melody or provocative rhythm that will bring deep stored feelings and emotions to the surface for release.

Bridge to Self,  reminds people via this interactive experience that the body we live in is our temple and we should always take care of it, and nurture it no matter what. In our times of illness, or grief, the body has the ability to heal itself with the help of the universal vibrations that are always surrounding us.

There will be a basket of prayer cloths next to the Bridge to Self.  Each colored cloth will represent different emotions. Ex. blue for sadness/sorrow. The cloths will be hung with prayers on the art work by participants.  At the end of the event with all the prayer cloths adorning her body the bridge will turn into the beautiful dressed woman moving with the wind.

At the Bridge to Self  burning ritual the sorrow, grief, guilt and shame will be released yet love joy happiness will be multiplied by the fire.  This will help burners get rid of their emotions and have a sense of release as they watch their emotions burn away into the sky. (not sure if we burn it)

During the night, the sounds of the bells will create a glowing aurora that will be dancing around the heart area representing the light and power that always shine within the human body.