Across the dusty playa a dark figure appears. You walk towards this human like creature and are dwarfed by its looming dimensions. Nine feet tall and as broad as two humans, Bigfootness greets you with an open hand. This mythical being uplifts your imagination and suspends your belief that both of you share this timeless moment. You are astounded by the hard weathered exterior and expansive limbs and humbled by the immense shoulders. And then you recognize something familiar as you see your face looking back at you. Together you have metamorphosed into one another. You are one with Bigfootness.

Bigfootness is a towering giant of wooden inspiration. He has come to the Black Rock Community with a party on his back and a welcoming spirit of freedom to share an inter-dimensional moment of blissful presence. He has the weathered exterior of a rugged survivalist forest creature mixed with the innocent childlike charm of a toy wooden playhouse. He emits fog! He roars and screams. He does not dance but he does play music. He shines, sparkles and radiates light. He blows bubbles! He also blinks, beats and pulsates with his surroundings, thanks to his Bluetooth connected internal speakers and sound engineered light show. If you play him a song he will respond with flashes of color. He is solar-powered, super phonic and electronic!

His wooden mask can be easily removed. Inside his massive conical head there is an ipad where his face should be. Then….. your face appears. Your face is being digitally recorded and played on his monitor mask. On this monitor there is no end to every Bigfoot face ever imagined or recorded. His face is a portal of belief and celebration that the world’s reigning hide and seek champion is here for you and your friends. He is there all day and up all night! 

Together we are all in a state of Bigfootness.

About the artists:

Masha Noir (Schultz) is a painter and a sculptor with the previous experience of bringing art to the playa and burn it.
Gemini Jack Gabriel Coke is an established painter, internationally trained. He is an Atelier Program Director at New Museum Los Gatos.

  Two artists fell in love and out of the magical adventures together the Bigfootness is born.

PS: Sketches and writing for proposal done by Gemini Jack Gabriel Coke. Thank you darling for your love and support. Love you. Masha Noir