faceI have always loved to create art as long as I can remember. I grew up in the Soviet Union going to school for art until the pressures of society forced me into a career of computers and included staging lights for events.  I have experienced tremendous ups and downs as Soviet refugee adapting to American Society, struggling through health issues and life’s challenges.

My paintings reflect my life experiences using vibrant colors.  My artwork reflects my expression of my most challenging times in my life, the “shadows of the underworld”, depression, and self-obsessions.

Today, I feel transformed, rising above, experiencing personal spiritual enlightenment and self-awareness together with my family, friends and community.  I love sharing my art and helping others heal.

I really love the contrast of light and dark and how it makes everything much more vivid and interesting. I truly believe by shining light into the darkness of my soul through my paintings I am coming to a peaceful place with myself and the world around me.